Monday, June 11, 2012

Nail Color

Interesting article on picking a good color for nail polish and thought I would share:

More updates from last week's attire

I really liked this outfit.

Navy Dress - NY and Co
Khaki Blazer - NY and Co
Necklace - Laila Rowe (my favorite place for jewelry - inexpensive, cute, and unique!)
Nude Pumps (or as my coworker's call it - wedding shoes since I wore them in my friend Kelly's wedding and wore them around the office prior to break them in)

Dressy Dress or Casual dress

We had consultants here at work.  Thus dressed up slightly - would you agree or is this still too casual?

Dress - Dressbarn
Black Blazer
Black Pumps - Nine West (of course)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Too Dark for Spring?


  • Dress: Loft
  • Sweater (3/4): Not sure
  • Coconut wedges in black
  • Big Necklace
So I wonder if this is too dark of an outfit for spring.  Then again I do wear a lot of grey and black.  Perhaps I could have done a bright cardigan but I never think of doing that because there is no color in the dress other than the black lace detail at the top - hence I matched the black cardigan to that.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunglass Decision Time

I am trying to buy myself new prescription sunglasses.  What do we think of these Wayfarer ones?  I dont know if they are me... plus they are an arm and a leg from LensCrafters.  Does anyone know any place good to recommend getting them cheaper?  I really like BJ's and Costco...but the selection is limited.  Someone recommended this online website that lets you try on five to pick the one that is right for you - but their selection is too small (  

I also like Aviator style....but would that look good on me? Thoughts?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Day

I know, I know - May 24 and the last time I posted was a few months ago.  My apologies.  Work got busy and well work is what pays the bills for me to buy these new clothes so I had to focus on that.

Today's Outfit
- Limited Plaid 3/4 shirt - note the band around the waist and arms
- NY & Co Black skirt - the back has quite the slit.  Well it isnt high but there are 2 slits so I feel like I have a mini back door, similar to what dogs pass through (DO NOT HAVE A DIRTY MIND THERE) - it is true though
- Black wedges... how come wedges for the summer have usually cork or beige strawlike material for the wedge part.  I feel it makes it less dressy.  Why cant it just be black - or would that look odd, I dont know my thoughts on this.
- New Tiffany Key Necklace from Kelly-Beth!! Thank you for the lovely bridesmaid gift - it's classic style :)